2024 5th International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2024)

Keynote Speakers

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Prof. Baojie He

Chongqing University, China


Baojie He is a professor at Chongqing University, doctoral supervisor, and a young scholar from Hongshen. Main research directions: urban ventilation and cooling, heat island mitigation strategies, and net zero carbon buildings. Served as an editor for multiple international journals such as Frontier in Build Environment. Hosted and participated in multiple national and provincial scientific research projects. Mendeley is a top 2% (100000) scientist in the 2021 global single year and career, and a recipient of the 2021 German Federal Ministry of Education and Research Global "Green Talent Award".



Prof. Binxiang Yuan

Guangdong University of Technology, China


Bingxiang Yuan, male, is a doctor (post), professor, and “Youth 100 A” of the Guangdong University of Technology. He works as a letter evaluation expert for the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, Shaanxi Province, and Zhejiang Province; a member of the Academic Committee of Pile Foundation of China Civil Engineering Society; a director of the Red Layer Engineering Branch of the Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering; a member of the Professional Committee of Soil Ontogeny and Strength Theory of the Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Branch of China Civil Engineering Society; a deputy director of the Youth Committee of the Guangdong Society of Geotechnical Mechanics and Engineering; an editorial board member of the SCI journal, Advances in Civil Engineering.



Assoc. Prof. Bin Hu

Beijing University Of Technology, China


Bin Hu, born in June 1972, graduated from the School of Architecture at Harbin Institute of Technology in 2002, majoring in Architecture. He holds a PhD, associate professor, and master's supervisor. He is also the director of the Underground Space Planning and Design Research Institute at Beijing Institute of Technology, a national first-class registered architect, and the deputy chief architect of the school's design institute. Young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Beijing, outstanding talents in the Organization Department. Main research areas: public building design and theory, urban design, underground space planning and design, rail transit and urban integration development, etc. Engaged in architectural design and urban design theory and practice for over 20 years. Responsible for and participated in more than 10 national, provincial, and ministerial level scientific research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation of China, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission Fund, and the Beijing Municipal Planning and Self Commission Special Topics. Published over 50 papers as the first author, including more than 20 papers in the core journals of Peking University.



Assoc. Prof. Kaikai Cheng

Xi'an Shiyou University, China


Kaikai Cheng, born in 1990 in Tianshui, Gansu Province. She is an associate professor and master's tutor. In January 2017, she graduated from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, majoring in structural engineering, and received a doctorate in engineering. She entered Xi'an Shiyou University in March 2017 and has been engaged in teaching and scientific research ever since. She has been awarded Excellent Teacher of the School of Mechanical Engineering and School of Civil Engineering. She is engaged in research on the theory and application of reliability of engineering structures. Her research interests include basic theory of structural reliability, reliability design of engineering structures, reliability assessment and reinforcement of existing structures, etc. 

She presided over 2 Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation Science and Technology Plan Projects, 1 Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education Special Scientific Research Plan Project, 1 Shaanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Geotechnical and Underground Space Engineering Open Fund project, and 1 Xi'an Shiyou University Youth Science and Technology Innovation Fund Project; She also participated in 5 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation Project and the Shaanxi Provincial Natural Science Foundation Science and Technology Plan Project. She has published one monograph and has been granted three invention patents and one utility model patent as the first inventor. She has publicly published over 20 academic papers, including 4 SCI indexed papers, 5 EI indexed papers, and more than 10 core journals. Her achievements have mainly been published in domestic and foreign journals such as Scientific Reports, Sustainability, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers Structures and Buildings, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, Journal of Building Structures, Journal of Applied Mechanics, Journal of Railway Science and Engineering, and Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation.